Andy the Dandy

My name is Andy the Dandy. Yes. I’m sort of a cartoon like figure… I’m an artist and an influencer. Of course.

Basicaly what I like to do is listen to hiphop music, spraypaint my name all across the globe and be in some mischieving behaviour. I love pop culture and to be creative. That is what I love doing. Drinking beers and having a laugh. I mean that is what live is bout right!

I love graffiti and streetart. You can buy it in my webshop.

Everyday I want to make stuff for like minded people. I’m the face of the underdog that will win.

History of Andy the Dandy

As you may know, I was created by Walt Disney 😉

Andy the Dandy drawn by WALT Disney
Andy drawn by WALT Disney

And when I did the movie with the Mickster I was famous man. My head was everywhere. I was a star. People yelled at me in the streets. It was amazing I was a rockstar.

Mickey in the Big City starring Andy the Dandy, movieposter
Mickey in the Big City starring Andy the Dandy, movieposter

But fame got to me. I spend to much time in bars and I was out all the time. I admit. I had a lot of fun hahaha.

Fame got to me

So I made some less smart decisions… Alleged fraud and forgery.

Andy in jail

I was away for a while. But. The main thing is that I rediscovered my art. I used to do a lot of tagging and graffiti. And in the selfie century I’m doing selfies baby!

So now I’m back, based in Amsterdam

My goal is make awesome streetart and to be as famous as possible because so I can pay for my lavendish lifestyle 🙂

Now people are posting my painted art in the streets:

So if you like art and popart. You need to follow me and stay up to date via Instagram.