Andy the Dandy

Yo. Let me introduce myself. I was Created by Disney studio’s in the 80’s. Mostly as an answer to the popularity of Garfield and the Looney Tunes. 

I starred in the movie “Mickey  in the big city.” Basically where I try to make money off of Mickeys fame while being chased by my creditors. 

When Disney fired me for my mischief… I blame the fame 😉 I spiralled out of control. I was sentenced to jail in 2005 for trafficking weed and growing it by the busload.

Present day

In jail I got interested in art. I dabbled in graffiti in my younger years. But Now I’m a full time artist and CEO of Cashmoney, Artmoney. I also do a lot of infleuencing for big brands. 

You can buy my art and my limited edition artprints here. It will be shipped free and send within a couple of days my friend.