Mickey Mouse in the Big City, feat. Andy The Dandy

My First Feature Film

Mickey Mouse in the Big City, starring Andy the Dandy

So let me tell you about my debut in the Disney universe! It was so.much.fun. You wouldn’t believe it. At least. What I can remember.

The story is this: Mickey Mouse is a tourist in the Big City. And he bumps into the cutest man from the city. ME! I mean come on. Look at how young I am in the poster! I should’ve hooked up more…

Anyway, Mickey was a bit lost and I said I’ll show him around town. Which I did. Of course I knew Mickey Mouse was the most famous cartoon alive so I got to admit I tried to make a bit of scheckles off’ of his fame. 

I was in a kind of trouble with some moneylenders… I just had a bad streak at the tables and some minor bad investments. But I’m sure I could get back on my feet.

For an hour and a half I show Mickey all the big city has to offer. We went and see some hiphop shows, went to the movies, saw friends of my and took the tourist route 🙂 (While ducking and running away from some of my lenders). 

Mickey in the Big City starring Andy the Dandy, movieposter

Of course, it’s, you know, a Disney movie. So it all ends happily. Mickey and I go to my place and Mickey sees my graffiti art. He also finds out about my debts and he oranises an art show for me. Which of course gets me to the right path, covers all my debt and more. 


And we live happily ever after.

Andy the Dandy drawn by WALT Disney

Walt Disney creating me.

Andy the Dandy fired by Walt Disney

Walt Disney not being happy with me…

Andy the Dandy fired by Walt Disney

Walt Disney finally cutting me loose…

After my movie with the Mickster

As you see it its bizar how the movie ended up being a copy of my life. When the movie came out it was a BIG succes. Also because of the featurings of hiphop and art talent at the time. People like: Kool G Rap, LL Cool J, Basquiat and Andy Warhol featured in the movie.  

After the movie of Mickey Mouse and Andy the Dandy

Andy the Dandy and Boris drinking a beer

The fame got to me man. I spiraled out of control. Booze, the tables, parties. I was all over the place man. I got into trouble with the law and lot’s of people. 

Finally Walt even gave up on me and fired me from Disney Studio’s.

In the years after I hustled and got arrested for some weed smuggling…. And lately I got back on my feet. I picked up my art and social media game. Now we are getting back in action.

I did some amazing collaborations with big brands and currently we are preparing for art shows, apparel, toys as well as Big NFT drops!