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  • Barbiedrip 220922

    Barbiedrips 220922 40 x 60 cm.

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    I love pop culture. I’m part of it! Ha. Since Mickey and I did the movie together I was bloody famous. Now a little bit less 🙂 Trust me, you get used to it.

  • red drip 190922 1 andy the dandy

    Red drip 50 x 70 cm. 190922 Andy the Dandy

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    Andy tagging his favourite sign. The cash. Cash is king. Happy, healthy, wealthy.

    “I live for creativity. But I have a lifestyle to uphold! Hahahaha. I love this artpiece of me tagging, celebrating the dripperdidrip.”

  • andy drip 16sep22 front

    Andy the Dandy drip 160922

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    Live action handpainted andy the dandy! Yes! 30 x 40 centimeter museum quality acryllicpaper in a black 60 x 40 frame. Unique piece. Still transform any appartment, any office and any life. Andy the Dandy lifestyle is a must in 21th century.